Jacaranda Lake Elementaita Lodge

Built in 1916 by Lord Galbraith Cole a white settler, Jacaranda Lake Elementaita lodge sits on a vast piece of land with a panoramic view of Lake Elementaita. It still retains the features and atmosphere of an early colonial home. The Lodge is approximately 120kms (one hour thirty minutes’ drive by road) from Nairobi and 29kms from Nakuru town. It neigbours the famous Kariandusi pre-historic museum at an altitude of 1670 meters or 4200ft above sea level. With its proximity to Lake Elementaita which is internationally known for its rich bird life and the only breeding ground for the white pelicans, guests get to enjoy nature walks while watching the more than 4oo species of birds including the famous flamingos.


Off Nairobi Nakuru Highway, Lake Elementaita, Kenya


The highest of the Rift Valley lakes is at about 1880 M above sea level.


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